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Hair transplant

Hair transplantation is a medical practice applied to people who have suffered permanent hair loss. This application enables people who have lost their hair to regain their hair and bringing together its natural and permanent feature. It is carried out by using the person's own healthy hair. The hair to be used for hair transplantation should be selected from an area that does not shed in terms of structural features. At this point, the aim of hair transplantation is to provide the aesthetic appearance that people desire by using modern medical methods.

Before Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation must be done by professional experts in the right institutions. You should have hair transplantation in safe environments such as our hospital's sterile hair transplantation unit and you should come to hair transplantation without cutting your existing hair.

On the day of hair transplantation, you should choose comfortable, easy-to-remove clothes such as shirts that can be taken off easily. Alcohol and high caffeine-containing products should be abandoned and the stomach should be full. Consumption that will undermine the local anesthesia process should be avoided. In addition, you should clearly convey your past illnesses, medications you use, and current illnesses to the professionals that will undergo hair transplantation.

Nevertheless, it is recommended that hair transplantation be performed by professionals and done in a hospital. Because, the hair transplant process involves manual labor. At the same time, it is very important to sew the rooted hair taken from the areas that do not shed during the hair transplantation process in accordance with the natural hair appearance of the person during the transplantation, and to obtain the most aesthetic appearance closest to the original image.The hair transplantation process can take between 1-7 hours depending on the area to be transplanted and the individual characteristics of the patient.

What are the Methods Used in Hair Transplantation Applications?

The methods for hair transplantation are chosen according to the needs of the patient. After the examination of the patient, it is very important to choose the right method to guarantee the success of the process .

With the application of robotic hair surgery, the hair follicles are collected by the hair transplantation robot and the roots collected are then planted manually in the required areas.

DHI haircut application is an unshaved cutting application. This procedure has the feature of performing a channel opening and planting at the same time. This has various advantages as it increases the chances of staying healthier with less hair follicles remaining outside.

Sapphire FUE hair transplantation is performed by using a pencil with a special sapphire tip in the grooving process. The properties of sapphire tips are to speed up the healing process and reduce crusting. Normal FUE hair transplantation is carried out through micro motors. The process is terminated by adding the collected hair follicles to the channels opened manually.

After Hair Transplantation

Although hospitalization is not required after hair transplantation, you can be discharged on the same day and return to daily life from the next day. You can return to your daily life after hair transplantation, but you should follow the instructions that is to be given to you. Especially during the first two days, the area where the hair transplantation is applied should be protected and all possible contact should be avoided. In the process up to 15 days, the relevant region must be protected against all external factors.

It is important to protect the application area from contact with the sun after hair transplantation. You should stay away from swimming activities such as sea, pool and sports activities that will cause you to sweat for 1.5 months. At the same time, since you will need plenty of vitamins and minerals to nourish hair follicles after hair transplantation, you should follow a proper diet eat and take supplements, of course, it is also recommended to quit bad habits such as smoking.

Who Are The Suitable Candidates For Hair Transplantation?

Any individual over the age of 25 who is uncomfortable with his aesthetic appearance can have a hair transplant procedure. Of course, it is necessary for the candidate not to have discomfort that prevents hair transplantation and therefore the person should be examined by a specialist. These discomforts can be various skin diseases or some metabolic diseases.

Results After Hair Transplantation

When the results will be obtained after hair transplantation? This is one of the frequently asked questions. At the end of the hair transplantation period, a visible hair growth begins within a period of 3 months, and a hair growth process that lasts up to a maximum of 1 year is generally predicted.

Beard Transplant

Beard transplantation is a procedure in which the healthy hair follicles of the individual are taken and transferred to the problematic area to obtain a natural looking beard or mustache appearance. Beard transplantation can also be used to cover acne or scars on the face. It can be applied to completely hairless areas as well as to areas where a fuller appearance is aimed.

With beard transplantation, new hair follicles are permanently grafted. Therefore, after the beard transplantation, the person can shave and shape their beard as usual. It is very important to apply the beard transplantation under the supervision of an experienced doctor in order to achieve a successful natural result.

What Does a Beard Transplant Include?

Beard transplantation is performed over the hair follicles taken from the nape area. The process begins with the integration of the follicles taken into the areas where beard needs are expected in the beard area and the aim is to create a natural beard appearance. In order to achieve this natural beard look, the process must be managed successfully. Therefore, male individuals who are considering beard transplantation are recommended to manage this process in the presence of expert professionals.

Since the roots collected in the beard transplantation application are taken with great care, no complications (such as scarring ) occur. The placement of the roots taken in men with no beard growth is performed in a natural form, as planned in advance. For male individuals with sparse beard problems, the most natural solution is found by evaluating the existing beard structure and the form of the beard areas, and the whole process is carried out within the framework of this naturalness.

Male individuals with no beard may need roots from 1000 to 3000 roots, but those with sparse beard problems will require a much lower number.

What Do You Need To Know About Before Beard Transplantation Process?

It is common for male individuals to have no hair in their beards. In addition, it is quite natural to experience a thin beard. These problems can occur for various reasons such as wounds and burns on the face or that occur later. With the beard transplantation application, all these problems can be improved. Beard transplantation can be performed from the age range of 20-22, when the hormones are fully established. Applications such as hair transplantation and eyebrow transplantation also contain similar procedures.

Unlike hair transplantation, beard transplantation is also evaluated on the basis of density. Beard characteristics of each person are different from each other, and beard transplantation is performed by evaluating these types of variables. Before the beard transplantation, a detailed planning phase is passed and the current beard structure of the patient is evaluated and the most natural solution is tried to be obtained.

What Do You Need To Know About The Process After Beard Transplantation?

It is quite natural and common to see redness on the face immediately after the beard transplantation. Under this image lies coagulated blood. It is very important to protect the beard area in the first days. With the cleaning process to be done within a few days, beards begin to appear. The body will start to nourish the newly planted hair roots, which may cause small bleeding in and around the hair roots, but this will disappear in a short time. Likewise, the occurrence of pimples in the beard area is a natural process and these pimples will disappear by time and a healthy beard image will be obtained.

Eyebrow Transplant

What Are Eyebrow Transplant Methods?

Although eyebrow transplantation applications are performed through many different methods, the most used method is the FUE method. The aim is to create the most natural eyebrow appearance by evaluating the face shape and expression.

With the application of eyebrow transplantation, the person can end the problem of eyebrow loss and achieve the expression that he dreams of permanently with the new hair follicles. Eyebrow transplantation application is a simple process and after a meticulous eyebrow transplant procedure, a very natural appearance can be obtained.

How is Eyebrow Transplantation Performed?

Eyebrow transplantation is mostly done through a procedure performed under local anesthesia. Before the eyebrow transplantation process, it is decided from which area the hair follicles to be collected for eyebrow transplantation. The most beneficial and healthiest area is the nape area in terms of naturalness. In addition to the nape area, it is possible to take roots from the armpits according to the need. Although the hair follicles in these areas have the feature of not being shed easily, they provide more permanent solutions as they are strong in structure.

Of course, the selection of these roots should be made in a way that you will get the most natural appearance and will not cause you to face other problems. For this reason, it is very important that the process is to be managed by expert professionals only.

In order to obtain a healthy eyebrow image, root collection can be performed according to the needs of the person, but an average of 500 roots are sufficient for eyebrow transplantation. One of the most important details in eyebrow transplantation is to obtain two symmetrical eyebrows and to process the hair very tightly in order to obtain a balanced image.

What Should You Know About Eyebrow Transplantation and After-Process?

There is usually no need for hospitalization after eyebrow transplantation. However, the person should act according to the instructions that is to be given by his doctor. In some cases, conditions such as swelling may occur and this is normal and will heal spontaneously over time. It is also normal to observe shedding after eyebrow transplantation, but the roots will remain in place and will reveal itself with new hairs. Eyebrows will become completely natural after a certain period of time. It is of great importance to pay attention to the care after the eyebrow transplantation. The first 10-day period is a sufficient time to overcome the full recovery.

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