Turkey is a leading country in medical /health care facilities . Health Ministry announced that 550.000 foreign patients visited Turkey for having treatment in Turkey at 2018. Turkey has the advantage of having high number of specialized hospitals in bariatric and metabolic surgery, plastic surgery, transplantation and oncologic treatments along side its affordable prices, high-quality and hygienic service, and it is a leading tourism destination with historical, cultural and natural attractions. AFFORDABLE PRICES Turkey provides better quality treatment at lower costs compare to Europe, the U.S.A,United Arab Emirates and other western countries. HIGH CLASS STANDARDS TREATMENTS However,Turkey offers high class standards on its treatments while using the latest technology such as the collaboration with one of the well-known Oncology Center and Houston Methodist Oncology Services in USA for cancer patients. TREATMENT&HOLIDAY AT THE SAME TIME Turkey also give you a chance to combine your holiday with an amazing holiday or a business trip. EASY TO BOOK FLIGHTS Turkey is placed at a convenient area and the patients do not have any difficulty to book for flights during the year from Europe , U.S.A or any other countries. NO WAITING LIST There is no waiting list so you can easily schedule on your own surgery or treatment based on your own programme. ENGLISH & ARABIC SPEAKING STAFF The doctors and staff are speaking both English & Arabic , so there is no language barrier between you and them. You also have chance to have your own translator in your own language.