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What is robotic physical therapy?

Robotic physical therapy or robotic rehabilitation is a highly effective physical therapy method that is used to regain talent, especially in gait and hand-arm use disorders. In recent years, with the advancement of technologies, robotic devices and virtual reality applications have been used in the field of rehabilitation.

What is a walking robot? What is robotic walking therapy?

The walking robot is a physical therapy method that aims to restore the walking ability or correct the walking of patients with the help of a robotic device for patients who have lost their walking ability. Diseases for which the walking robot can be applied;

•Stroke - Stroke

•Alzheimer's disease

•Brain diseases

•Spinal cord paralysis from the neck and waist area

•Parkinson's disease

•Geriatric patients (Inactivity due to aging)

•Brain damage

•Neurological diseases

•Severe injuries

•After hip-knee prosthesis surgeries

•After anterior cruciate ligament surgery

•Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

•Patients with walking impairment

Robotic walking therapy is grouped under two headings: passive walking in the early period of the disease and active assisted walking in the future.

1. Robotic bed system Erigo Pro

The robotic bed system Erigo Pro is the first robotic bed system to provide intensive physical therapy in the early stages of patients who cannot move and are bedridden. In the early period, the patient is slowly accustomed to standing upright with the help of the robotic bed system Erigo Pro.

2. What does Lokomat mean? Walking robot Lokomat

The patient continues with active assisted robotic walking therapy with Lokomat in the advanced phase of physical therapy. LOKOMAT is the most advanced robotic walking system in the world that helps patients gain the ability to walk again, who have partially or completely lost their walking ability.

3.Hand arm robot Armeo-Power

Hand Arm Robot is a robotic physical therapy method that is used in arm and hand dysfunctions and aims to increase the ability to use in the arm and hand. Armeo Power is a kind of robotic physical therapy device that can be used in motion disorders of the hand and arm starting from the early stages of physical therapy and rehabilitation.