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What is Neurological Rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation applied in various neurological cases, especially disorders affecting the nervous system and movement, is called neurological rehabilitation. In cases where the central nervous system is severely or slightly damaged, this treatment method manifests itself. Many patients we have experienced in this regard benefit from our healthy treatment methods. Treatment methods should differ according to the healing process of the patient. Neurological rehabilitation is a program applied to bring patients to the highest level in every sense. Physically, getting well enough will not be enough for the treatment to be completed. Because neurological disorders also harm a number of emotional abilities as well as loss of strength. Therefore, our patients should be ready in every sense and at the end of the treatment, all damage should be minimized.

In Which Diseases Neurological Rehabilitation Is Applied? The main ailments are:

-Stroke Treatment

-Ms Treatment

-Parkinson's Treatment

-Cerebral palsy

-Balance Disorders

-Spinal Cord Paralysis Treatment

-Spinal Injuries Rehabilitation

-Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation

-Stroke Rehabilitation


-Parkition Disease

-Post-Brain Tumor Surgery Rehabilitation 

-Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD)

-Polio Meningitis

-Brachial Plexus Injuries


-Meningomyelocele (Spina Bifida)

-Spinal Abscesses







-Alzheimer's Disease

-Transient Ischemic Attack

-Encephalitis Neurogia (Nerve Pain)

-Polio Sequela (Polio) Torticollis

Which Techniques Are Used When Implementing Neurological Rehabilitation?

Treatment is carried out with the help of various auxiliary equipment and expert personnel. The main ones are:

-Walking training with expert staff and auxiliary equipment

-Various sports activities with expert staff and auxiliary equipment

-Therapeutic exercises

-Balance activities

-Robot-assisted rehabilitation

Types of Neurological Rehabilitation

-Stroke rehabilitation

-Spinal rehabilitation

-Facial palsy rehabilitation

-Stroke rehabilitation

-Parkinson's rehabilitation

-Polyneuropathy rehabilitation