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Geriatric rehabilitation is all of the services provided to prevent, delay, minimize or reverse functional deterioration due to physiological loss or disease in the elderly. The purpose of geriatric rehabilitation is to raise and preserve the functional capacity of the elderly to the highest possible level with a specified realistic goal. Geriatric rehabilitation should be done by experts. Physicians are the natural leaders of this team. Other healthcare professionals working in the rehabilitation team; He is a physiotherapist, speech therapist, psychologist, nurse, social worker, nutritionist, nurse, orthotic-prosthesis specialist, vocational counselor, recreational therapist.

The principles of rehabilitation in the elderly are as follows: rehabilitation practices should be started early, should be multidisciplinary, the rehabilitation program should be slow, familiar and simple, patient-team relationship based on help and trust, the continuity of the patient's possible physical and mental independence should be aimed and the patient's active participation in rehabilitation should be ensured.


The purposes of giving exercise to the elderly;

• To create an environment to integrate the elderly with other people, • To accelerate recovery from illness and cope with stress more easily,

• To improve the condition of the elderly,

 • Increasing the energy required to practice daily activities,

• To maintain balance,

• Making the elderly happier


Benefits of exercise in the elderly;

• Shortens the immediate response time,

• Makes the bone mass heavier,

• Brings mental mobility,

• Improves muscle mass,

• It helps to reduce the pain,

• Reduces the risk of fractures,

• It has positive benefits on obesity, sugar and hypertension, hyperlipidemia.