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Athlete rehabilitation is a specialized sub-unit in the field of physical therapy and rehabilitation and is applied by physiotherapists who are experts in the field in the rehabilitation of many problems in the musculoskeletal system that occur in athletes. Purpose in athlete rehabilitation; In order to solve the current problem of the athlete, to return to sports in the best way and to prevent the problem from repeating again; It is to analyze the probability of possible injuries in advance according to the sport and to make training and exercise arrangements according to these risks.


What are the application areas of Athlete Rehabilitation?


Depending on the type of sport, various damages may occur in the musculoskeletal system. The most common problems;


-Meniscus and anterior cruciate ligament tears in football players,

-Tennis elbow in tennis players,

-Jumping knee disease in basketball players,

-Achilles tendon injuries in astroturf amateur football players,    

 -Shoulder problems in volleyball players,

-Broken finger etc. in boxers.

-Problems arising from trauma and overuse.


How does the rehabilitation process work in athlete rehabilitation?


The process in athlete rehabilitation starts immediately after the injury and includes the process until return to sports, with the athlete-specific analysis and evaluations made by the expert physiotherapist in order to make clinical decisions and solve problems. The goals of rehabilitation are determined by considering the level of activity of the athlete in the sport and the type of injury. The goals of athlete rehabilitation are to control pain and edema, to gain flexibility of joint range of motion and soft tissues, to improve muscle strength and endurance, to develop sports-specific skill patterns, to develop cardiovascular endurance, to ensure the continuity of protective exercises to prevent re-injury.


How long is the treatment period in athlete rehabilitation?


The duration of treatment varies depending on the type of sport the athlete has done, the severity of the existing problem, the duration, other accompanying problems, participation in the rehabilitation process and the regularity of participation; It covers a process that starts with an injury and continues until returning to sports.