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Rheumatic Pain Treatment

Rheumatic diseases affect your joints and muscles. Some of these are osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Sjögren Syndrome. Rheumatism; It causes severe pain in elbows, joints and soft tissue. Rheumatic diseases that occur in soft tissues are usually caused by inflammation. It can cause severe pain in the waist and knee areas.


What are the symptoms of rheumatic diseases?

Rheumatism is distinguished by the following features

- Pain or discomfort usually felt near one or more joints (including the spine)

-Pain that comes with movement in the affected area

-Pain felt when touching the affected area

-Hardening of the affected parts, especially when immobilized Symptomatic improvement after mild exercise, but worsening after vigorous exercise

-Symptomatic worsening in response to climatic factors, especially falling barometric pressure and rising humidity

-It heals when heat is applied to the affected area (s)


How is the treatment of rheumatic diseases done with physical therapy?

Physical therapy methods offer a very effective treatment opportunity in the treatment of rheumatic diseases. Among the techniques used in the treatment, heat application, smart exercise devices, exercise applications and special massages suitable for the patient's disease are applied. Rheumatic diseases are also among the diseases in which physical therapy and rehabilitation provide the highest success in treatment. Your treatment plan will include medications, physical therapy, a healthy diet, stress management, and rest. In this case, our expert rheumatologist helps you by creating the most appropriate treatment plan for your situation.